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What is it?

Mdate is a utility that converts Gregorian dates to Mayan Long Count dates. It was originally an implementation of some algorithms published by N. Dershowitz and E.M. Reingold in their book Calendrical Calculations , but is now a GPL project and uses some code derived from other GPL sources.

Mdate is an evolving project, with the desire to provide a freely-available (meaning non-commercial) mayan date utility for Unix and other operating systems. To the best of my knowledge, a simple Unix utility like this has not been available before. At this stage it has only been tested thoroughly on a Linux system.

Parts of Mdate were originally derived from Ivan Van Langingham's excellent mayalib python library. Check out his fascinating site at for more things related to Mayan calendars.

Developers are sought for translations, improved documentation and porting to other architectures and interfaces. If you want to join the development team, please drop me a line at


May 2009

  • 1 Kaban 15 Sip
    The 'Return to Sourceforge' release, 1.5.6 is out!. Mingw32 and home-baked Debs will now be included in the main release, other ports will be resumed soon.

August 2004

  • 07 Lamat 11 Yaxk'in
    The OS X, FreeBSD, Mingw32 and BeOS ports are all now available !
  • 06 Manik' 10 Yaxk'in
    Mdate 1.5.1 released. Bugfix version: a formatting fix, and no default weekday name due to problems when you go back in time :(. Expect the ports soon!

June 2004

  • Mdate 1.5.0 ports for OS X, BeOS and Mingw32 are now out!
  • Mdate 1.5.0 released! New default format with the day of the week! Many fixes to the formatting and improved portability! Stay tuned for the ports!
  • New BeOS port. Sorry about download problems, the file permissions were wrong again grrr.
  • OS X port now available!

May 2004

  • Mdate 1.4.8 released! This is a bugfix-only version, just cleanups. But the 1.4.7 FreeBSD and MinGW ports are now up!!
  • Mdate 1.4.7 released! We add support for FreeBSD and OSX with this release. Also fixed was the notorious parseable output bug. Pretty output is now optional. Stay tuned for the updates to BeOS, MinGW and OSX ports on the ports page!

January 2004

  • Kmayan, a joint effort between myself and another looney is nearing completion. Check out the WIP and other fun things at Digilantism Werks. Kmayan harks back to the Dershowitz-Reingold conversion methods, and you'll need an up to date version of KDE 3.2 to use it. I'm also working on a straight qmdate Qt (qt3 based) version that is hopefully more cross-platform compatible. I may do a GTK version if I'm prodded sufficiently :)

October 2003

  • Mdate 1.4.5 released! Now with new French translation and a compile-time option to use modern Mayan calendar month names! Thanks too, to for hosting mdate too - see here
  • Mdate 1.4.4 released! I've also (finally) provided debs and rpms of this release. Otherwise, ye olde bugfixe release :)

September 2003

  • Mdate 1.4.3 released! We finally have a working mingw32 port, you can now choose a default language besides english, and more fixes :) There's also a BeOS update :)
  • Mdate 1.4.2 released! Adds runtime language choice and there's a new German translation. Updated BeOS port too :)
  • Mdate 1.4.1 for BeOS released! This is a BeOS port by Shard; bugs are probably still my fault tho :)
  • Mdate 1.4.1 released. This is a bugfix version, removing date formats that didn't work and updating the Spanish and Polish translations.
  • Mdate 1.4.0 released. We've added a Spanish translation and now support date(1) formatting!! Bumped the version up because this is a major addition to the options Mdate users have on the command-line. Translating is easy, give it a go!!

August 2003

  • Mdate 1.3.4 released. We have i18n back, using the 'mplayer model' and a new Polish translation is added!! Start writing your translations :)
  • Mdate 1.3.3 released. Nice to know people are still using mdate. This is a bugfix version with various minor things fixed, but most importantly, a bug with dates in January and February blush . Still haven't debianized mdate but I'll get there :)

August 2002

  • Mdate 1.3.2 released. Better documentation, more code cleanups. Debianization is the next job. RPM maintainers very welcome!

April 2002

  • Mdate 1.3.1 released. It's been a LONG hiatus. Totally rewritten in C/C++ and with new command-line options, this new version of mdate goes back to the simpler days for a new lease of life. Download, enjoy, send feedback! No need for libmdate, just the command-line, ma'am.

November 2000

  • libmdate 0.0.5 and Mdate 1.2.6 released!! libmdate now includes drem() compatibility and updated documentation. Mdate 1.2.6 depends on libmdate 0.0.5 and has a few bugfixes here and there. I'm going to update more documentation for Mdate soon, but please test these releases and if you want to help with translations, contact us!!

June 2000

  • Mdate 1.2.5 bugfix release. Gmdate rc file bug fixed, also some configure fixes.
  • Mdate 1.2.4 released, with Gmdate colours style file.
  • Mdate 1.2.3 released with fully-functional Gmdate and documentation updates
  • libmdate 0.0.4 and mdate 1.2.2 released! Now includes gmdate, a GTK+ interface admittedly in its infancy. Minor changes to libmdate were made, and an overhaul of the mdate source tree.

May 2000

  • libmdate 0.0.3 available here now. Mdate still needs some translation fixes, version 1.2.2 should finally close that bug; Mdate 1.2.1 is however, now available.

March 2000

  • An interim release, Mdate 1.1.0, is now available for download. This version includes new documentation.
  • A couple of new developers have joined up, with new translations and the beginnings of a C++ port. When the C++ code looks workable, I'll add it to the CVS tree so everyone can have a crack at it. CVS tree is up and running, by the way :)
  • Mdate relocates its main page to Not all functionality is up, particularly the CVS tree. The last 1.0.x mdate can still be downloaded from here.
  • Mdate 1.0.5 released. Now with internationalization support. Last 1.0.x version.
  • Mdate will have a new home at soon, when I can get a linux box to use it.

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